Thursday, May 19, 2011

Go to Aldi Quick!

Aldi has a great "Special Buy" sale this week! It's mostly gardening supplies:
2 Gallon Pepper or Tomato Plants - $7.99! And just look at the plants!
This banana pepper plant has so many peppers on it! I bet it would cost more than $7.99 just for the peppers, let alone a plant to keep reproducing them!
Really big jalapeƱos on these!
And already big beef steak tomatoes!
The sale also included gardening items, such as:
Tomato cages for $1.49 <--- This is a really good price!
This outdoor tool rack is only $9.99!

These items will only be there for this week and they are a first come first serve type of thing - they will not get any more. So hurry over there and get some of these for yourself!

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