Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun in the Mail

Today was particularly fun for what I received in the mail, so I decided to go ahead and brag :)

  •  2 Bags on Board dog poo bag holders with bags and a $2 off coupon with each
  • Gold Bond Deep Moisture Body Wash sample and $1 off coupon
  • $2 rebate check from Finesse Shampoo
  • NasaFlo Neti Pot from Neil Med
These were all exciting just by themselves, but I also received something unexpected. About 2 weeks ago, I was trying to hunt down all of the coupons I could find for the Wishbone Salad Dressing deal at Publix. I found a printable coupon from the Unilever website for 50¢ off, and you had to register to print it. So I went through all of the registering, etc and finally received my coupon link in my email, only to have the link tell me that I already printed this coupon the number of times allowed. This was not the case. I had not printed any at all, so I decided to email Unilever on the off chance that they could send me a new link. I explained what happened and how I needed the coupon for a sale, etc. and submitted my comment. I received an email 1 day later apologizing that this had happened and that they could not reset the coupon for me. I figured all was done. I was a little frustrated, but it really wasn't that big a deal since I definitely still found other coupons for the sale. So, I was very curious when I found a Unilever envelope in with the mail.
Inside was a very nice letter apologizing for the inconvenience and thanking me for taking the time to write to them about the issue. It also says, "Please enjoy the enclosed as a token of our appreciation," and there was a book of coupons with it!

The coupon book included the following:

  • $1 off Any Bertolli Frozen Product
  • 60¢ off Any I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Product
  • $1 off 2 Lipton Tea Bag, Ice Tea, To Go or Mix
  • $1 off Any Axe Shower Gel
  • $1 off Any Dove Bar or Body Wash
  • 50¢ off Any Suave Hair Care Product
  • $1 off 2 Breyer's Ice Cream Products
  • $1 off 2 Hellmann's Products
  • $1 off 2 Ragu Sauces
  • $1 off Degree Deodorant
  • 50¢ off 2 Q-Tips Products
  • $1 off Any Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion
I have plans for several of these coupons already :) The best part is that these don't expire until 02/29/2012! This booklet also included some recipes:
Gooey Peanut Butter S'More Brownies and Ragu No Frying Chicken Parmasean :) Sounds like a tasty meal combo!
Woo Hoo! See, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, folks. I didn't even expect anything like this at all when I emailed them, but large companies like this are very concerned with keeping you happy, so they are more likely to 'compensate' you with a gift :) I have to say, they certainly won me over no matter what frustration I incurred with the Wishbone coupon. This more than made up for it and I am so excited!

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