Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun in the Mail Pt. 2

So, since my very exciting mail on Monday, I have received the following:

Tuesday -

  • 1 Pack of Huggies Supreme Baby Wipes
  • $3.00 Rebate Check from Peace Cereal
  • Uncle Ben's Ready Rice Coupons
The Uncle Ben's card had a recipe along with 2 coupons - one for a Free Uncle Ben's Ready Rice Product and another for $0.75 off Any Uncle Ben's Ready Rice.

Wednesday -

  • Sample of New Duck Tape Sheets in Zebra Print
  • Sample of Wellness Brand Dog Food with Wellness coupons!
My dog loves Wellness brand food, so I was very excited about the coupons :)

Thursday - 

  • My Free iPhone Skin from the Playtex deal I mentioned last week
  • 3 Brez No-Snore Nose Strips
  • Free Snyder's of Hanover Product Coupon
  • Sample tube of Zapzyt - yes another one, I don't know how that happened
I was really excited about the Snyder's of Hanover coupon. On National Pretzel Day (April 27th), Snyder's posted on their Facebook page that the first 500 people to email them on the 27th - a.k.a. the stroke of midnight - would receive a free product. I happened to be up and at my computer and I figured I would give it a shot. There was no confirmation or anything so I'm really shocked that I was one of the first 500 people! In the world of the internet, that's a very small number. Most of the giveaways I try for are the first 5000 or so, and those are usually gone within the first 2 minutes - hopefully that puts the odds in perspective for you. So I was extremely lucky on this one! And knowing that will make my already delicious and Free pretzels taste even better :)

I wonder what I'll get tomorrow....

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