Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Glidden Paint Quart

Well, I finally got through, so I figured I would share.
Glidden Paint has a promotion going that started at midnight. The first 200,000 people to request it will get a free quart of paint in the color of your choice. I got Crisp White Linen :)

Normally, I wouldn't post a giveaway like this so late in the game after it opened, but it seriously took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to finally get the website to load so I could get mine. So, with that kind of time frame (combined with all the people who are getting frustrated and giving up) you may still be able to grab this one :)
So, head over here and wait for the main video to scroll through to the large paint can that says Grab your free paint can! I am warning you... it is going to take a while. You can check Glidden's Facebook page for updates on how the giveaway is going and tips on getting it to work.

Good Luck! Leave me a post and let me know if you get one!

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