Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Clif Bar Cookie Tomorrow!

Head over to Clif Bar's Facebook page and "like" them to be ready for a giveaway tomorrow!
Here is what Clif posted today:
"UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for being super patient. We're officially postponing the giveaway until 11am PT tomorrow as we don't want to keep people hanging. And for putting up with us, we're bumping up the number of bars to 7,500. Thanks for bearing with us! See you tomorrow at 11am PT sharp!"
So be ready at 2pm ET tomorrow because I guarantee you, those 7,500 will be gone within 2 minutes. 
Also, if you have never tried any Clif products, you really should. They're delish! But like anything else, they taste better when they're free :) 

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