Friday, May 20, 2011

Deals and Freebies For Today

Go here to print out a rebate for for $10 when you buy Osmocote Outdoor & Indoor Plat Food (3 lb size). Apparently it is on sale at Lowe's for $9.97 until 5/23, so it will be free after the rebate :) Purchase must be made between April 1 and June 30, 2011.
*Thanks Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free 

Go here to request 2 free Goodnights Underwear (you can choose girl or boy)! It is on the Sam's Club site, but you do not have to be a Sam's Club member. I requested this a few weeks ago and this must be a new offer, because it let me get this one too :) So if you already got this one, try again!

Go here to and take a quiz to get a free bottle of NixWax Footwear Cleaning Gel :) This is a great site to join. They allow you to get one freebie every 3 months. I took my first quiz back in February and I just got my sample 2 days ago; so it does take a while, but it does come eventually. can't be too picky when it's free, right? :) Also, while you're taking the quiz, it will take a bit of reading to get the questions right. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. And never fear! If you get a question wrong, you can just click refresh at the top of the page and it will give you different questions. So be sure to read or it will take forever!

Go here for a free 1 week supply of Nature's Bounty Moega 3 Fish Oil :)

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