Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big Target Trip!

I went back to Target hoping they had restocked a bit, and they had on some things :) I also got really lucky with the clearance sections!
It was almost too big for my counter :)

  • 7 Old Spice "One and a Half" Packs of Body Wash, clearance $3.40 - Used three B1G1 Old Spice Body Wash coupon from 5/1 P&G Brandsaver and three $1 off 2 Old Spice Body Washes coupons from 5/1 P&G Brandsaver and $1 off Old Spice Body Wash coupon from P&G $110 mailer and $1 off Old Spice Body Wash Target P&G coupon from 5/1 newspaper = 7 sets for $9.60
  • 2 Olay Silk Whimsy Body Lotion with Free Luscious Embrace Sample, clearance $2.98 - Used $2 off Any Olay Body Wash coupon from big pack of Charmin Toilet Paper and $1 off Any Olay Body Wash or Lotion coupon from P&G mailer = 2 for $2.96
  • 2 Jamba Juice Frozen Smoothie Packs, $2.74 each - Used two $1 off Jamba Juice Smoothie Packs coupon from = $1.74 each
  • 2 Axe Travel Sets, clearance $2.74
  • 2 Up + Up brand Hydrogen Peroxide, price cut $0.52 - Used two $0.50 off Up + Up First Aid Item Target printable coupons = 2 for $0.04
  • 2 Carefree Body Shape Pantyliners 20 ct, $0.97 - Used two $1 off coupon from the 5/8 newspaper = $0.06 overage
  • 3 Revlon Nail Clippers, $2.24 each - Used three $2 off any Revlon Beauty Tool coupons from the newspaper = 3 for $72
  • 3 Up + Up brand Ibuprofen 24 ct, $0.97 - Used three $1 off Up + Up Brand Pain Relief Item Target printable coupons (price automatically adjusted to $0.97) = 3 for Free
  • 4 Dentyne Pure Gum 9ct packs, $1.04 each - Used four $1 off Dentyne Pure 9 ct Target printable coupons = 4 for $0.12
  • Wonka Exceptionals White Chocolate Waterfall Bar, clearance $1.67 - Used $1 off printable coupon  = $0.67
  • Cute Swirl Patterned Tweezers, clearance $2.98
  • ELF brand Tweezers, $1.00
  • 2 tubs of Smart Balance Light Original, clearance $0.66 each!
  • 3 packs of Kraft Deli Cuts Deluxe Cheese Slices in JalapeƱo, clearance $1.54 each!
All in all, I was very satisfied with this trip. On Monday, I showed my husband his Old Spice Body Wash and he said, "Ooooo," very excitedly, so I decided I needed to go back and get him some more. He should be smelling good for a few years now :) Also, with the Revlon clippers, I received 2 Catalina coupons at checkout - one for $5 off any 2 Revlon Beauty Tools and one for $2 off of one tool. I was very excited :) These will mean totally free nail clippers next time :) And the Smart Balance - wow! I think they were the last ones because they had "As Is" price stickers on them, but all the seals were still good, so even if they were returned or something we are safe. And they last until next year some time, I made sure to check.

Anyway, obviously there are lots of good deals to be had at Target, so head on over and get you some!

Also, while I Was over there, I swung by Petco to get my free Fancy Feast :)
I just had to pay $0.04 tax :)

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