Saturday, May 7, 2011

40 Free Candy Bars

Yes, you read that right. I have officially been paid to take these 40 candybars :)
In case you were wondering, this pile includes
  • 32 Butterfinger Bars
  • 2 Nestle Crunch Bars
  • 2 Baby Ruth Bars
  • 2 Chewy Sprees Packs
  • 2 Chewy Sweetarts Packs
I purchased so many, I got to take the whole box :)
I have to confess, I was mostly excited about this not for the free candy bars, but for my patience paying off. Before Valentine's Day, I found a peelie pad at Publix with coupons for $1 off 2 Butterfinger Bars or Butterfinger Snackerz. Even better, this peelie pad had no joke at least 500 coupons on it all there for the taking. So, I pulled off a small stack not knowing how many I had actually taken until later. I ended up with 20 coupons. Now, I had used a few from then to now on various other deals and got those for free as well; but as the coupons expire at the end of May, I decided this was the time to cash them all in.

So, how did I get all this for free, you ask? CVS currently has a deal that select Nestle products are 2 for $1. Factor in my coupons and that's 2 for free (just pay the tax). On top of that sale, CVS has a deal that if you spend $20 on select Nestle products, they will give you $5 in ECBs. So, after getting my 32 butterfingers and just paying the tax, I had to buy 8 more candy bars to make up the amount I needed for the ECBs - I just had to. I was so close to the mark! So, after the additional, "non-free" candy bars and the tax on my butterfingers, my total was $4.90 and the register printed out my $5 ECBs. So, I made $0.10 - hey, it's something. Even better still, I used previously obtained ECBs to pay for the difference, so I didn't have to put any money out of pocket. Plus, they scanned my green bag tag :)

Ah, that's a lot of free goodness :)

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