Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today's CVS Trip

So, as you will come to find out, I am what I refer to as a "Crazy Coupon Lady," and there will be many many posts about how much money I've saved on particular trips. I know that I must annoy the tar out of my friends and family members bragging about my free stuff, so now I will use this blog as my outlet. Hey, it is my blog afterall :)

So, today I went to CVS with some awesome coupons. CVS posted a coupon on their Facebook page that you could request for a free Essence of Beauty product, up to $3.99. I went to the CVS by my house to pick up my freebie, only to find that all of the products were either much more (either $5.99 or $9.99) or much less ($2.37 or $2.57). I was a little bummed as I wanted to get the maximum value for my coupon, as any self respecting Crazy Coupon Lady would. The thought crossed my mind that the store near my house usually is a little bit higher priced than the one near where I work, so I decided to hold onto my coupon and use it later one, meaning today. Unfortunately, I encountered the same problem at the other store, so I just sucked it up and bought the highest price item that the coupon would cover, a Sun Blossom Moisturizing Bar for $2.57. **The nice surprise about this store coupon was that it took the maximum value off of my transaction, so even though my bar of soap was less that that, I got $3.99 off my whole transaction :)

So, back to the rest of my purchase. I bought two Gain Dish Detergents ($0.97), one Russell Stover Strawberry Cream Egg ($0.74), one Miracle Bubbles ($1.99), one Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($7.50), one Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub ($7.50), and one Winter Limited Edition 8 Pack of Chap-Block (clearance - $1.25). So, I used my $3.99 coupon on the body bar, a $2.00 off any Bioré product printable coupon (Facebook offer - no longer available), two $1.00 off any Gain Dish Detergent coupons from the P&G $110 Savings Book (mail offer), a coupon from the newspaper for Buy Any Bioré Pore Strips and Get Any Bioré Cleanser Free, and $2.00 of CVS Extracare Bucks (ECB) from my last venture.

I paid $7.23 for all 8 items and then got ECB back with a total value of $7.73, giving me a profit of $0.50 for my shopping trip :)

The ECB came from the two day only sale on the Russell Stover egg ($0.74 ECB) and the Miracle Bubbles ($1.99 ECB). Also, this week only  - Spend $15 get $5 ECB when you buy Jergens, Bioré or Curel Skin Care Products.

Don't you just love being paid to take things from a store? I know I do :)

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