Thursday, April 21, 2011

Late Night Walmart Trip

Ok, so I think by now everyone is aware that I'm slightly insane. If you didn't know that already, you will now. I had stayed up late last night trying to get my coupons in order after our ridiculous take from coupon hunting on Tuesday night. It's honestly daunting. I clipped and clipped so much the tip of my right ring finger went numb and it still hasn't recovered. After clipping for a few hours, I decided I needed to go use some of them to renew my vigor and, since I was still awake, decided to go to Walmart.

Now, understand, normally I avoid Walmart at all costs for many reasons. I'm really just not a fan of them in general, on principal and on price. Walmart advertises that their prices are the lowest, ok technically if you count that Target sells something for $2.99 and Walmart sells it for $2.98, then ok, sure. Personally I don't show so much for regular priced items, I follow the sales, which Walmart doesn't really have like other stores do. I prefer places that do Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sales, etc. Oh, and don't ever buy milk at Walmart! They have almost the most expensive milk around at any given time.

Anyway, tangent. The only reason I decided to go to Walmart was that it was 1:30 in the morning. No other stores are open then and it would be almost completely devoid of other customers, leaving me as much space as I wanted to do my shopping.

So, what deals could lure me out at 1:30 am? These could:
The only thing in this picture that wasn't free or cheaper than free was the Operation Game. I paid $2 for that after my printable coupon for $3 off any Operation game. Well, the game (which was the last one on the shelf) was on sale for $5, making it cost me $2 after the coupon. What about everything else?
  • 2 Nivea For Men Cool Body Washes - $3 each at Walmart + 2 coupons in 4/17 newspaper for $3 off Any Nivea Men Body Wash = 2 For Free
  • 4 Nivea Women's Body Wash - 3 Touch of Smoothness and 1 Touch of Sparkle - $3 each at Walmart + 4 coupons in 4/17 newspaper for $3 off Any Nivea Women's Body Wash = 4 For Free
  • 2 Black Flag 4 packs of Fly Paper - $0.98 each + 2 coupons in 4/10 newspaper for $1 off Any Black Flag Product = $0.04 Overage
  • 1 Reach Floss - $0.88 + printable coupon for $1 off Any Reach Floss = $0.12 Overage
  • 1 Single Load Tide Detergent (from travel section) - $0.97 + $1 off Any Tide coupon from P&G coupon booklet = $0.03 Overage
So, if we add it all together, my total was $1.81, so I paid $1.92 for all 11 items shown :) I'd say that's worth a little late night trip to a store I don't like, wouldn't you? :)

*What makes this purchase even better is that Hasbro has a mail in rebate to receive a Free Tombstone Pizza for any game purchased through 4/30 and you can redeem up to 5 games. This will be my 4th game I've submitted, so this whole purchase will have included a Tombstone Pizza (up to $7.01 value) in the long run :)

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