Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Got My Weight Watchers Party Pack!

I came home from taking my husband to his doctor's appointment to find a box at my door with this label:
I could hardly wait to get it open and see what was inside!
Here is what I found:

An Acrylic Serving Tray
An Acrylic Pitcher
A Cute Red Polka Dotted Apron
16 Strawberry Pens
Coupons For Free Weight Watchers Ice Cream
Coupons for $1 Off Weight Watchers Ice Cream
16 Blank Mood Boards
16 Mood Board Sticker Sheets

The apron is so cute! It's very Minnie Mouse, and I was very surprised about the platter and pitcher. I had no idea anything like that would be sent. I'm super excited to have my party now!

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