Monday, April 18, 2011

CVS Freebies

So, this week's Sunday-Tuesday ECB deal was one I couldn't pass up. I mean, why not get it when it's free, right?
The ECBs are given back to the full price of select items each week, but only for a few days. So, I bought PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kit and Easter Grass and received ECBs for the full value back, $1.98 and $0.99.

Also, in honor of Earth Day, the Leaf Tags for reusable bags will give you your money back in ECBs, but only on 2 tags. So, you pay $0.99 each and get $0.99 ECB back. These tags absolutely pay for themselves though, as every 4th time you use a reusable bag in CVS and have your leaf tag scanned, you will get $1 in ECBs back. So, depending on how often you go to the store, you could really end up with some decent money with this one :) I only bought my first bag tag a week ago and I already got my first $1 ECB from it!

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